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Do you have a business but still no website? Or maybe you are just starting-out and feel that you don't need a full-blown one yet?

What you probably need is a one-page site. A clear, simple to understand page, containing (in easy to digest bites) all the 'core' information (plus video if you have some) about you and your company  - the information which prospective customers need if they are to make the 'right' decision - to choose you!

Or... If you already have successful on-line profiles with (for example) Facebook or LinkedIn a one-page site can also act as a hub, pointing your future clients to other centres of information about you and your company. Email me now at and let's get you on the web.

One Page

mrrudeforth screenshotCould be what you need...

"We are a small business and at the moment don't want to operate a full website. Our Facebook and Twitter pages are quite active and we have lots of followers - so a one-page hub website would help us broaden our web-presence and increase our marketing opportunities in one go."

"I am an artist-designer and I work on lots of different projects simultaneously, so a full website might be hard for me to keep up-to-date. With a one-page website I could feed a selection of images from my Flickr, and Instagram accounts into one place for people to see whenever they wanted."

"I'm just starting-up so I need to be on the web - at the moment all I need is a simple website,  one where I can advertise key information about myself and the services I provide... and then hopefully, as my business grows my website can grow with it."

Sharp, to the point - and precise

A great one-page profile should evoke the essence of you and your company, it is a stripped-down authoritative website which gets straight to the point - the language is sharp, jargon-free and precise. All your important information is gathered together into one space for people to see. It’s a great way for individuals or businesses to get themselves onto the web - and to get noticed without all the added costs of a full-scale website.

Putting you in control

Because your one-page website will be built using CMS (Content Management System) you will be able to edit, update and add content whenever you wish - without having to ask me to do it for you. My fee also includes training in how to update your page (before it goes live), you wont be left in the lurch - as I will be available to offer advice (for free) if you do become stuck. Plus when it is not possible for us to meet face to face I can create bespoke video tutorials - to help you with any aspects which you are finding difficult. Of course if you would rather that I updated the website, then this can be arranged for you.


The one-off cost of creation of your one-page website (including all the initial content) is £95, I can also host your site for a yearly fee of £60. If you prefer, I can also purchase and supply your domain name for you (at cost-price) - the price of this will vary depending on which TLD (Top Level Domain) you choose (.com, etc). Further details on request.

If you prefer that I do all the updating for you, then we should do this on (at least) a monthly basis in order to keep your website up-to-date and current - people stop returning to websites if the information appears to always be the same or out-of-date. For this service I charge a flat fee of £15 regardless of how long it might take me to do the work.

You can email me at with any questions you might have.

Thank you


mr rudeforth

Mr Rudeforth

Keeping it simple

I have been creating bespoke websites and one-page profiles for local businesses and individuals since 2003. My clients have ranged from musicians and artists to international charities, poetry companies and documentary film makers.

As well as building websites from scratch, I advise other designers on various aspects of their current or upcoming projects. I have also been brought in to troubleshoot and fix 'broken' pages, bringing them back to life - making them relevant and informative to the user, as well as being more useful to the owner. Or simply put, making them do what they were supposed to do in the first place.

I believe that a website should be a simple affair, one where the information and resources  (written in plain English, without jargon or complication) are current and accurate - and easy for users to find and utilise. 

Although initially self-taught, I gained a 1st Class Honours (Bachelor of Science) Degree in Web Design from Lincoln University in 2007, winning the 'White Agency Web Technology Award' along the way.

I like cycling, and walking. I also like ginger biscuits and my green hat.


Contact information

Please feel free to contact me using any of the following methods

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Mobile - 0796 457 1719

Skype - on request